Be Seeing You Festival No.6

7 September 2018

This weekend see’s the end of Festival No.6 “for now”. The festival has been a very special one for all at Fanatic, who have been involved since it launched in 2012.

The festival offered an ultimate escape from reality, set in the Tuscan-style village of Portmerion and supported by an impressive group of stages including woodland area and vast main arena, Festival No.6 was all about exploring from the tucked-away forests to climbing to the highest point to get a spectacular view of Portmeirion. It’s no surprise that photographing Festival No.6 has felt like festival gold and every Fanatic photographer who has been lucky enough to work here have taken some of their favourite photos.

Festival No.6 was a game changer for boutique festivals, showing how even complex sites, with the right people behind it, can be turned into truly unique and eccentric experiences. We’ll sorely miss our end of season visits to Portmeirion, but whatever the Festival No.6 team decide to do next, we’ll be seeing you.