Fanatic comissioned to photograph Festival No.6 on film

19 September 2017

This years Festival No.6 was their sixth year anniversary and they wanted us to capture the event, and the true beauty and other worldliness of Portmeirion, in a unique way truly befitting of this special celebration.

A lot of Fanatic’s photographers regularly use analogue photography, it was a perfect opportunity for us to create something special for the festival, using 35mm & 120mm easily felt a fitting way to capture the unique vibe of Portmeirion and Festival No.6.

We were also very fortunate to team up with Cinestill who supplied us with film. We were the first in the world to try out their new 120mm 50d film Here is a very small sample of the our analogue gallery, we love the results and so do Festival No.6! A big thank-you to @bayeux_ltd for their support in the process.