Every summer has a story


We love festivals. 

Committed to unparalleled official festival & event photography. Why settle for average content when your event's anything but?

Founded by acclaimed music photographers Danny North and Andrew Whitton, Fanatic knows festivals are celebrations of unforgettable life experiences. The shared moments, making new friends, the unity of a crowd in rapture of a song... these are the heart of a festival. These moments are what make the year long wait and heavy hike to campsite really worth it.


One solid photography team
working together & with you.

It has to be said, we are truly proud of our photographers.

We only work with the best because the best is what we want to deliver. With decades of experience in music, portraiture, commercial and event photography between us (really!) we know getting the best shots for a festival involves having a passionate team who play to each other strengths and can wow every time.

Come rain, come shine, come a three feet mud bath, we have assembled a team of exceptional photographers who not only document festivals, they get stuck in. Glitter n all.



some of the clients we work with...

our clients

"Fanatic were the perfect team for the job.

With a prestigious reputation within the festival industry, we had high hopes, which were more than surpassed by the quality of the photography, which reflected their special talent for getting in amongst the event. Far from being disrupted, guests clearly enjoyed being photographed, and the team’s tireless energy at all hours of day and night meant the event was captured in its 24 hour glory. Along with that they were a pleasure to work with as a team, we didn’t hesitate to secure their services for the following year. "

Rose Robertson
(Mama & Co)

"We can’t imagine producing a festival without Fanatic.

They immediately absorbed our vision for the event and produced some very special imagery which not only had incredible warmth but conveyed the very unique personality of Lost Village. Fanatic, unlike many other event photographers, capture personal moments and much like the festival, tell a real story beyond the norm. The Fanatic team work meticulously to deliver photographs which look and feel unique to the Lost Village brand. As an immersive event it’s important our images depict the experience in it’s truest form and Fanatic do that better than anyone we’ve worked with so far. "

Andy George
Lost Village

"I’m not sure my words can do justice the work of Fanatic what their photos really do all by themselves!

The work of Danny and his team has been essential to the ongoing vision and marketing of the festival. I’m always impressed with the quality and quantity of work these guys manage to produce every year. Their vigorous team spirit and enthusiasm, even when they’re the last to leave every night of the festival, is genuinely inspiring and a delight to work alongside."

Bradley Thompson
Festival Number Six
(Broackwick Live)


see for yourself a select highlights of recent Fanatic photography